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13/03/2017 | 12:33

Joven mostró su cambio en Instagram tras sufrir grave acné

La mujer publicó imágenes de su tratamiento y su historia se volvió en una inspiración para las jóvenes.

Joven mostró su cambio en Instagram tras sufrir grave acné
Instagram Rachel Crawley
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El acné de una de las patologías más comunes -y que causan mayor molestia- en los adolescentes. La norteamericana Rachel Crawley, que sufre esta enfermedad desde los 16 años, publicó en Instagram imágenes de su tratamiento.

La joven declaró que el acné le hizo perder la confianza en sí misma. "Dejé de salir con mis amigas y no quería que nadie me viera sin maquillaje. Pensaba que jamás le gustaría a nadie", confesó la joven. Y agregó: "Odiaba a la persona que veía en el espejo".

Tras años de ocultarse, Rachel finalmente decidió enfrentar su enfermedad con un tratamiento integral. En primer lugar, decidió cambiar radicalmente su alimentación e incorporó verduras, frutas y mucha agua a su dieta. Además, la joven dejó de cubrir su acné con capas de maquillaje.

El tratamiento de Rachel quedó registrado en su cuenta de Instagram, donde publicó fotos de su evolución. Su historia logró inspirar a distintas jóvenes que sufren con la misma enfermedad.

"Las chicas necesitan entender que son hermosas. Mis espinillas se han transformados en cicatrices, pero ya no siento que tenga que cubrirlas más", señaló la joven al sitio

Revisa acá algunas de sus fotos:


**SKIN UPDATE** The photo on the left is what my skin looks like now and as you can see the redness has gone down a lot! Thank god. Also I don't have any active spots at the moment they are either healing or a deep mark, hole, scar in my skin! Since going vegan my skin freaked out and even though I did suffer with spots before it was no where near as bad as this! I reassessed my diet and what had changed because I always eat really healthy and like to take care of my body and no one understood why I was eating so healthy for all these years but still breaking out! 👎🏻 Carbs/ sugar is my answer! Even brown rice, free from whole grain oats, fruit all which is good for you. They still are good for you so please continue to eat these foods if you don't experience any problems! Only for about 3 days I have stopped eating these foods and upped my fat intake (healthy fats) and guess what? No new breakouts! Once my skin has cleared up I may experiment with bringing them into my diet for now I'm going to continue High fat low carb 🥑 I will post a new photo in a few weeks time to show you whether it has been working or not. My current source for carbs is lots of veggies! I have also included some supplements, teas, apple cider vinegar and have a morning/ night skin care routine. Again I'm not saying this will work for you I am just sharing what is working for me. Everybody is different! Listen to your body if something's not right with what your doing now look to see how you can change it. Curing acne will not happen over night so the main thing is not to stress or worry about it. Remember you are beautiful with or without acne. 🌱✨💜🌻 🌟 ---------------------------------------------------------- #acne #acnetreatment #girl #beforeandafter #progress #scars #beautiful #vegan #plantbased #highfat #happy #youarenotalone #youarebeautiful #blog #journey #spiritual #soul #acceptance #health #skinfood #healing #selflove #recovery #mindfulness #enlightenment #detox #chakra #positive #love #natural

Una publicación compartida de Rachel Crawley ☾❂ ॐ (@asprinkleofhealthandbeauty) el


🌸DAILY REMINDER 🌸 No filter, no edit. Don't be too hard on yourself if you think your skin isn't flawless. Your lips aren't big enough. Your eyelashes aren't long enough. Your not skinny enough. Your too skinny and need to gain weight. Your not tanned enough. On social media there are too many comments about how we should look. This is not sending out the right message. This is only putting pressure and stress on us doing everything we can to feel good about ourselves. This is only leading to further anxiety and depression. The pictures you see looking perfect aren't real because they've photoshopped, edited, filtered! You can edit it out spots, change your body shape, make your features bigger or smaller. It's just getting way out of hand 😱 ITS NOT REAL!! It's fun and creative to be able to create different looks. We all have different passions makeup, fashion, fitness ect and social media is a platform to promote that but please don't compare yourself to a picture. Please accept you for you and who you are because you are good enough 💖 Find happiness through doing what YOU love. Remember you control your own mind. Fill it with positivity and stay strong 🌱Happiness comes from within. I WANT YOU ALL TO LOVE YOURSELVES FOR YOU ❤️ ------------------------------------------------------- #acne #anxiety #depression #truth #selflove #life #stopcomparing #beyou #mindset #positive #positivity #personalgrowth #strength #youareenough #youarenotalone #youarebeautiful #journey #soul #love #enlightenment #acceptance #recovery #vegan #gypsy #smile #behappy #beyourself #bodypositive #socialmedia #hamsa

Una publicación compartida de Rachel Crawley ☾❂ ॐ (@asprinkleofhealthandbeauty) el


PROGRESS PICTURE 🌱 The left picture is what skin is looking like now. Still not had any new spots which I can't actually believe not one! The right picture was taken 1 month ago. As you can see I have a lot of inflammation, redness and yellow heads. Healing your body naturally takes time so you just have to believe in the process you will get there. My current skin care is a cleanser by tata Harper, toner apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera gel, rose seed hip oil I have just introduced as alls I have on my skin to heal now is deep marks/ scars and this works wonders but don't recommend on active spots, jojoba oil to moisturise ✨ Using natural products on my skin works best than products filled with nasty chemicals! The food I eat is still the same as previous posts 🌱 Drink lots of water, green tea & dandelion tea. For supplements I take probiotics, vitamin D & milk thistle. I sometimes take drops of oregano oil in water. I alternate which I use but I alternate spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorophyll, acai and maca in my green smoothies or do them as shots. This is just what's been working for me and again everyone is different. Maybe I'll look to work on a video or a blog post if it continues to get better so I can explain it all in more depth 😊 ------------------------------------------------ #acne #embraceyourflaws #scars #vegan #plantbased #raw #wholefoods #natural #spiritual #healing #chronicillness #hormones #balance #mind #soul #positive #progress #journey #naturalremedies #health #lifestyle #veganism #crueltyfree #wellness #empower #recovery #selflove #love #veganbeauty #acnetreatment

Una publicación compartida de Rachel Crawley ☾❂ ॐ (@asprinkleofhealthandbeauty) el


I remember being at my lowest point. When I didn't want to leave the house. See my family or friends. Even though I knew these people loved me I felt ashamed of what I looked like 😞 I decided enough was enough and the more I think negatively and be horrible to myself the worse I was getting and feeling. The whole anxiety and stressing over it adds to it making it worse! I couldn't go on the way I was going I was miserable and I don't want other people to feel the same way that I did. It upsets me that we live in a world where people feel this low about themselves 💔 It doesn't define who you are as a person so please never give up on yourself! Be a strong warrior who is not going to let this beat you. Turn those negatives into positives. It will get better 🙌🏻✨ I am glad I've experienced chronic illness. I am glad I've experienced acne. It's helped me find my passion for health, wellness and fitness. It's helped me be strong, grow and gain confidence as a person all of which I had none of before. It's helped me to want to help and inspire others. I believe it can help you all too. 🌺 ----------------------------------------- #acne #acnetreatment #acnejourney #chronicillness #plantbased #raw #organic #health #selflove #vegan #veganism #anxiety #depression #recovery #warrior #journey #strong #wellness #mind #body #soul #girl #inspiration #chakra #crueltyfree #nontoxic #fitness #lifestyle #beautiful #love

Una publicación compartida de Rachel Crawley ☾❂ ॐ (@asprinkleofhealthandbeauty) el


Please excuse my messy un brushed eyebrows 😂 But last night I used my Indian healing bentonite clay mask! All you need to do is mix it with a little bit of apple cider cider vinegar! Stir until a thick paste and apply 😜 Looks lovely I know! You can really feel this mask deep cleansing your pores! You face literally starts pulsing no joke 💆🏼 -------------------------------------------------------#acne #acnejourney #loveyourself #selflove #healing #anxiety #recovery #vegan #nontoxic #love #wellness #happy #behappy #inspiration #enlightenment #journey #growth #natural #beauty #skin #acceptance #spiritual #mindfulness #mindset #positivity #soul #yoga #youarebeautiful #youarenotalone #youareenough

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Dare to be real in a fake world 🦋 Don't let the media brainwash you to into believing you are not beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in there own way. Are unique face features, flaws and marks are beautiful. We were blessed with them so why feel the need to change them. We live in a world where we don't even recognise our own beauty anymore. There is so much worry, stress and anxiety revolving around how we look whether it's our face or our bodies. Life is not about image or materialistic things. It's about being and giving! It's about finding our happiness and our passion. Stop searching for happiness on the outside because it has to come from the inside 🌸 Listen to what your body and soul is telling you. Use your intuition to guide you towards healing and finding your place. Take deep breaths, yoga, meditate, balance your chakras, eat natural foods, go for walks, read books, learn, keep a journal, practice compassion, embrace yourself. Whatever it is that makes you happy. Remove any negativity whether this be people, social media, items, anything negative! Fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body and soul. Remember it's never to late to make a change. Sometimes we go down the wrong path for it to direct us to the right path. The path to happiness. Don't let your mind hold you back. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to be different. Only you can change it. Once you take this step your whole outlook on life will begin to change it's amazing. Find you inner peace. You can then go on to share your experience, help, inspire and uplift others 🌺 ------------------------------------------------- #yoga #chakra #balance #buddha #freespirit #inspiration #meditation #wild #journey #enlightenment #mindfulness #wellness #health #compassion #vegan #plantbased #spiritual #soul #mind #body #believe #crystals #lawofattraction #selflove #selfcare #dreamer #happiness #healing #nature #earth

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When you throw it back to days you had a clear skin and felt beautiful. When you question why and where it went wrong? It comes out of no where and you would do anything to get your clear skin back. You cry, stress and worry about your skin. You can't go out in public. You can't look at people in the eye. You hide your face away. Well please don't worry it won't last forever and you having acne should not take away your happiness. You deserve to be happy whether you have acne or not. Don't let your skin stop you from doing what you want to do. I know how hard it can be but I want to help other people through it. I have received messages from you guys that have touched my heart ❤️ Some of you have even been inspired to go out with no make up on which is amazing!! Next time take a photo and tag me I would love to see them! 📸 We shouldn't be looked at any differently to wearing makeup than not wearing makeup. Most make up contain chemicals that are harmful and we are putting them onto our skin. So many brands test on animals 😔 Just for us to look better and it's not right. It's not necessary! Make sure you do your research as even cruelty free brands still have parent companies that test on animals! I have got rid of all my makeup for this reason! I will be trying some of the organic brands soon with natural ingredients so I'll let you know how those products go. If you know of any please let me know 🌱🐰 🌎❤️ ------------------------------------------------ #vegan #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreecosmetics #organicskincare #organicbeauty #naturalmakeup #veganbeauty #blogger #acne #acnetreatment #nontoxic #nochemicals #stopanimalcruelty #animalcruelty #selflove #journey #soul #spiritual #gypsy #hippie #plantbased #rawvegan #wellness #vegancommunity

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I am excited to be taking part in this years beauty pageant Miss Preston. I have never had the confidence to go through with a competition like this before as I never felt good enough. This year I feel is the right time for me. I want to stay true to myself and inspire all you girls that you are beautiful no matter what. This pageant isn't based on your looks and it is your inner beauty that counts! I will be running half a marathon to raise money for charity if your interested in making a donation ask me and I'll send you the link/ or follow my Facebook page. Planning to do more events! I have my own Facebook page where you can like to follow updates! I would be grateful for any love and support from you all ❤️ Thank you! Also please bare with me I work full time and dedicate my extra time to doing these posts for you. Please bare with me I will respond to all of your lovely messages 😘 Let me know what posts you want to see more off! I will be hoping to get YouTube channel up and running soon so excited 🌟 ------------------------------------ #beauty #beautypageant #misspreston #competition #innerbeauty #halfmarathontraining #happy #kindness #determination #motivation #enlightenment #journey #inspiration #facebook #selflove #community #vegan #crueltyfree #youareenough #youarenotalone #youarebeautiful #blogger #youtube #vlogger #natural #acne #charity #varietycharity #pageant

Una publicación compartida de Rachel Crawley ☾❂ ॐ (@asprinkleofhealthandbeauty) el







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